Here are a few curriculum changes that include the use of this facility. This is a list of hands-on lab experimentsand data analysis examples. (All ATOC 1070 weather labs can be reviewed here)

  • Undergraduate Level (90 minutes lab classes)

    Publications and Presentations

    Included here is a list of publications and presentations related to the ATOC Skywatch facility describing the instruments and implementation into undergraduate teaching curriculum.

  • Presentations
  • Teaching implementation and research
  • Research articles using Skywatch data
    • LeMone, M. A., T. W. Schlatter, and R. T. enson, 2013: A stricking cloud over Boulder Colorado: What is its altitude and does it matter? Bull. Amer. Met. Soc., 94, 634-643.

    Student Projects

    Included here is a few collaborations and student projects that have occurred since the start of this facility

  • Student Projects
    • ATOC 4710, P. Pilewskie: Skywatch Downward Surface Irradiance-2015 class project
    • Cloud height comparison
    • Pyranometer comparison
    • Pyrgeometer and CG4 cross calibrations
    • Ozone measurement comparisons
    • SSFR optical head comparisons